Bonjour from Courtyard, importers of fine European Antiques! Steve and I have owned Courtyard Antique Market since 1999. We import quarterly from France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Our sources in Europe are constantly keeping us abreast of what they have found in the "Old World" of fine antiques.

Our 6000 sq. ft. showroom is displayed to help show our customers how they can obtain the Old World Charm in their own home, while making a wise investment to pass down "generation to generation".

Our hearts beat fast when our feet touch the ground in Paris, knowing the treasures that await us. The love of antiques has been such a wonderful part of our lives, and our customers are a delight and a blessing.

We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Steve & Barbara Nix

 Vive La France!!!

"The streets sing, the stones talk. 

The houses drip history, glory, romance."

-Henry Miller


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