6 Ways to Warm a Room

  • Add At Least One European Antique piece of furniture to balance a room. This softens the new and enhances the old.
  • Fine Art! We sell more oils than anything else. Consider art as a piece of wall furniture.
  • Mix European Accessories for a balance with the new and the old.
  • Use lighting, lamps, and chandeliers to give great ambiance.
  • Embellish with vintage leather books from Europe-Great Leather!
  • Think Big! It is better to have large accessories than a lot of smalls...unless it is a definite collection.
  • "Detail is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary."-Unknown

-Barbara Nix



A wise woman that dearly loved the "Old World" once said: 

  "If I travel 10,000 miles and cannot get off the airplane and find a wonderful "flea market", I have wasted my flight time."
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy


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